A Spanish local authority is searching for supramunicipalities and renewable energy companies for a LIFE CET (Clean Energy Transition) proposal


Summary: A Spanish local authority in the mediterrean area is searching for partners for a LIFE-CET-Clean Energy Transition proposal. This project is focused on fostering an energy transition towards renewable energy through joint actions initiated by local and regional authorities and participated by relevant stakeholders as well as the broad civil society around the production of clean energy without GHG emission. The overall objective of this proposal is to provide local and regional authorities with the necessary capacity and know-how to offer sustainable plans and strategies towards the energy transition, and undertake the necessary steps to deploy it.

Partner Sought: The authority is searching for partners because they need to replicate the Catalan model in other regions, especially in those with interest and experience in energy transition. To do so, they are looking for supramunicipalities, renewable energy companies and high institutional partners from 3 or 4 different regions to complete the consortium. The role of the partners sought would be as WP Leaders or Technology Partners to replicate similar actions in their own region.

The type of partnership will be a research cooperation agreement.

Type pf partner: SMEs, larger companies and R&D Institutions

Deadline for EoI: 12 Dec 2021

Call: TOPIC ID: LIFE-2021-CET-LOCAL. Technical support to clean energy transition plans and strategies in municipalities and regions

Full Version: RDES20211102001

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