Radio Frequency (RF) Mesh Based Industrial IoT Solution


Summary: In recent years, there is an increased interest in IoT solutions with the introduction of application areas such as the Industrial Internet and Smart Grid. The Turkish company offers wireless IoT solutions using Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) 6TiSCH technology which can connect wireless devices with high reliability and be utilized in Industrial settings and also in infrastructure monitoring. The company is actively developing its solution and extending it with original features which can provide superior performance in many scenarios as compared to existing solutions. To even push these developments and processes, the Turkish company is looking for industrial partners. 

Partner Sought: The Turkish company is preferably looking for industrial partners which are supplying hardware and/or software communication solutions for the energy / IoT / smart cities sectors. The role of the partner will be:

- Offering hardware and/or software licensing agreements
- Technical cooperation is proposed to integrate the communication platform into smart meters, smart lighting, and other connected devices
- The software can be run locally or delivered via cloud services in accordance with a license agreement.

The type of partnership should be a license agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

Type of Partner: SME and larger companies

Deadline for EOI: 18 Jan 2023

Full Version: TOTR20201005001

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