Spanish company expert in agroindustrial biomass upcycling strategies is open for collaboration in circular bioeconomy initiatives for the recovery of plant bioactive compounds.


Summary: The Spanish company with expertise in the extraction, chemical characterization, purification of bioactive compounds from plants, as well as preclinical and clinical scientific support, develops products for food supplements/nutraceutical market and cosmetic and personal care products. They have developed an innovative business model for the extraction of bioactive compounds from by-products. The company is now searching for partners for the scaling-up and manufacturing of plant based extracts and bioactive compounds in target markets. The company´s competitive advantages are a wide know how in strategies for the by-pass integration of innovative processes, resultant biomass permit downstream valorization technologies. 

Partner Sought: Partners sought by the Spanish company are: University, R&D Institutions, SMEs and MNEs, as well as those in the framework of Research and Innovation Programs. 

Especially research cooperation agreement are interesting where they can build up consortiums in the area of bioeconomy and circular economy in the framework of Horizon Europe, Circular Biobased Europe or other calls at European/international level. Further, a manufacturing agreement is foreseen. 

Type of Partner: SME, larger companies, Universities and R&D Institutions  

Deadline for EOI: 31 Dec 2022

Full Version: TOES20211216001

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