General terms and conditions of participation for SMEs

  • Goal: To support R&D projects through non-repayable grants.
  • Approval rate: (Generally) 50% of the eligible costs for grants.
  • Project partners: Collaborative projects must have at least three legal entities established in three different Member States or associated countries, must participate in the projects.
    At EU level, the co-operation of the SMEs with research institutions is particularly encouraged, so that new scientific inventions can be implemented quickly into marketable products.
  • Subjects: Broad-based technology (bottom-up – e.g. EUREKA Eurostars) or technology-specific (through specific calls for proposals – e.g., 7th Framework Programme (FP7)) programmes.
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s COSME programme under the Specific Agreement Number - 671811 - Bavaria2Europe.