Project aims and fields of work

The EU-funded GeoMol project focuses on resolving these problems and has taken it upon itself to meet the following objectives:

  • Assessing the geo-potentials in the alpine foreland depressions that extend to the north of the Alps from Savoy to Vienna and in the south from Piemont to Venice for better recognizing possible geological hazards and determining any possible impact and mutual interference during use
  • Obtaining cross-border information relating to the underground geological structure and assessing the geo-potentials based on uniform criteria
  • Developing three-dimensional models of the underground structures for better identifying risk areas where a utilization of any geo-potential is to be excluded
  • Introducing harmonized methods, criteria and guidelines to allow for fast transnational decision-making processes


Obtaining a comprehensive, cross-border understanding of the alpine foreland basins represents a first step towards further expanding renewable energies and makes an important contribution for ensuring a sustainable supply of energy.

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