Project Objectives and Work Fields

The idea behind SIMWOOD is to make unused wood supplies in Europe accessible and thus address the increasing demand. Here attention is placed mainly on privately owned woods which are increasingly fragmented and consequently often fallow. The increasing urbanization of forest owners also has a negative impact on the management of woodlands.

The following topics form the focal points of SIMWOOD:

  • The increasing demand for this resource is addressed by means of wood mobilization, thus supporting a stable growth of Europe's forestry and wood industry.
  • Existing local interest groups and decision-makers are incorporated in the wood mobilization process while taking other wood functions into account.
  • Existing socio-economic, technical and ecological barriers and solutions for mobilizing wood resources are assessed with regard to the objectives set in the respective regions.
  • Adjustment measures are put to the test through pilot projects in 14 model regions in Europe. In this context, local stakeholders as well as small to medium-sized enterprises are involved in the process in order to attain maximum suitability for practical use.
  • Preparation of customized, transferable solutions for every region.
  • The development of an online information system, with which project partners are able to analyze and improve the impact of solutions. Moreover, the SIMWOOD Information System is available online to the general public. The system will continue to be updated even after the end of the project.
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