Project targets and fields of work

The aim of the project is to develop a transregional innovation model for the clusters of the Alpine area, after analysing the existing cluster structures of the project regions and the degree of implementation of their "Smart Specialisation" strategy. The synchronised model will on the one hand consist of the best practice experiences of the regions and, on the other hand, new services developed in the project.
The following models and initiatives are being developed in the project to accelerate innovation processes in the cluster structures of the Alpine regions and to increase the impact of regional strategies for intelligent specialisation:

  • Improving the framework conditions for innovation processes induced by the cluster structures and their participating small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Initiating the exchange of knowledge between regional decision-makers in the development of strategies for the intelligent specialisation of the various project regions
  • Measures to simplify innovation processes and the formation of critical masses through cluster initiatives in regions with strong technological orientation and high complementarity
  • Initiation of transregional cluster-to-cluster collaborations with players of the so-called "quadruple helix":  authorities, universities, cultural institutions and companies 
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