Project aims and fields of work

First-of-its kind pre-commercial cellulosic ethanol plant

The sunliquid® technology is an innovative, breakthrough technology made in Bavaria. The technological challenges have been solved, and the next step to allow broad implementation is commercial scale production.

The SUNLIQUID consortium aims to confirm the technical and economic benefits of the large scale production of cellulosic ethanol from agricultural residues in Europe. This, in turn, will contribute to a more sustainable energy system in Europe and help to achieve the EU Commission´s goals in terms of greenhouse gas emission savings.

These goals should be achieved through the following milestones:

  • Building and operating a first-of-its kind, large scale cellulosic ethanol production plant based on Clariant’s sunliquid® process
  • Market replication and deployment based on the technical and commercial experience in this plant

The EU project covers the entire value chain:

  • Supplying feedstock to the plant
  • Logistics system for feedstock transportation
  • Design, construction and commissioning of the plant, as well as training of qualified staff
  • Fuel testing and distribution, including the development of sales and marketing models
  • Life cycle analysis to obtain a full-scale assessment of the product´s sustainability over the entire value chain
  • Information campaigns to promote public acceptance of cellulosic ethanol
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