Project CLIMB

Project Completed (Duration: 01.01.10 - 31.12.13)

Project „Climate Induced Changes on the Hydrology of Mediterranean Basins“

Funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission, the environmental project CLIMB investigates the impacts of climate induced change on the hydrology and the management of water resources in the Mediterranean region (Southern Europe, North Africa, Near and Middle East). Protection of local water resources is seriously threatened: severe droughts, floods, the salinization of coastal groundwater and increasing land degradation of fertile soils are just some of the risks by which the progressive climate change will give rise to an increasing potential for tensions and conflicts among the political and economic actors in this vulnerable region. Therefore, existing water resources must be used and managed in a sustainable way. Current projections of future hydrological change, based on regional climate model results and subsequent hydrological modeling schemes, are very uncertain and poorly validated. The strategy of CLIMB is to reduce uncertainty and to quantify risk through an integrated monitoring and modeling system.

Beside CLIMB ( the European Commission has initiated two other thematically related projects. From the Environment (incl. climate change) area the WASSERMed-project (Water Availability and Security in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean) and from the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities the CLICO-project (Climate Change, Hydro-Conflicts and Human Security) are forming a research cluster with CLIMB on climate change, water and security aspects. This interdisciplinary approach should foster core competences to provide an integrated perspective on the natural, social and economic impacts of climate change. Thus, the thematic cluster on "Climate Change Impacts on Water and Security in the Mediterranean" comprises 44 institutions from 19 different countries (

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