• Analysis of the impacts of climate change on water resources in the Mediterranean region
  • Iterative reduction of uncertainty in projections for the hydrological budget and extremes in the Mediterranean
  • Implementation of research in seven selected study sites around the Mediterranean sea (France, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, and the Palestinian administrative areas)
  • Characterization of the study sites, collection and access to geophysical and remote sensing data
  • Integration of advanced field monitoring techniques, remote sensing analyses and retrievals, climate models auditing and integrated hydrologic modeling
  • Socioeconomic factor assessment and integration into a new conceptual framework
  • Development of a GIS-integrated risk assessment tool for adaptive water resource management
  • Integration of CLIMB results in the regional water and agricultural management structure of the Mediterranean partner countries
  • Continuous preparation of scientific results for political actors and relevant decision makers (policy briefing).

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