Project WINALP

Project Completed (Duration: 01.07.08 - 30.09.11)

Project "Forest Information System Northern Alps"

The European project “Forest Information System Northern Alps” (WINALP) has adopted as its goal the generation of scientific principles for the sustainable management of, and preventative measures against, natural hazards to the environs of our mountain forests. In the context of the inter-regional collaboration (INTERREG IVA) for this project, reliable surface-area data are being recorded regarding the natural productive capacity of the high-mountain forests of the northern limestone Alps of Bavaria, Tyrol and sections of the “Salzburger Land”.  Additionally, the repercussions from climate change upon the stability and make-up of current mountain forests are being evaluated and assessed. These parameters are urgently needed for:

  • integrated protection against natural hazards,
  • targeted nurturing and development of both the mountain forests and protective forests,
  • adjustment of forestry site development and intensity of use to the natural carrying capacity of the environment,  
  • protection of biological diversity and
  • development of adjustment strategies for the anticipated climate changes.

All data collected for this project are subsequently compiled in a geographical information system and prepared in a user-friendly manner in special digital maps and handbooks, in order to be made available for forest-development planners, and forest workers, e.g. for either site-specific forest management, nurturing and maintenance of mountain forests, or for prognoses regarding the repercussions of climate change.

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