Project goals and fields of work

Project goals:
  •  To make digital maps available (for the wilderness potential)for all forested areas in the Bavarian Alps and north Tyrol
  • Production of a handbook for the site-specific management, nurturing  and restoration of mountain forests
  •  Establishment of a geographical information system (GIS), which allows adjustments to be made according to changed climatic conditions
  • Interface-appropriate transfer of the GIS products to forest administrations
Fields of work:
  • Erection of a GIS with high-definition geological maps, digital altitude models and climate maps
  • Definition of user requirements vis-ŕ-vis  the information system
  • Derivation of the ecologically relevant geo-parameters for the whole project area
  • Modelling of the forest maps into scale-size 1:25,000 for the whole project area, including verification and recalibration
  • Modelling of special maps
  • Alternative modelling with climate-change scenarios
  • Development of a handbook for forest-type-specific management, nurturing and restoration of mountain forests
  • Introduction of the system into practical use, information and training of multiplicators  
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