Project AlpBC

Project Completed (Duration: 01.09.12 - 01.06.15)

Preserving and Advancing Alpine Building Culture

The alpine region is home to unique natural and cultural treasures, which have evolved over the centuries through adaption to local and climatic conditions and regional expertise. The aim of the European funded AlpBC project is to preserve and advance the legacy of the diverse alpine building culture.

With the aid of state-of-the-art methods and regional expertise, scientists from 5 alpine countries are working on measures to further preserve the characteristics of regional buildings as well as adapt and further develop these elements to suit new requirements.
AlpBC attaches particular importance to an efficient regional development planning, which combines five planning levels (communal, intercommunal, regional, national and transnational). One important aim of the project also includes placing emphasis on current challenges such as energy turnaround, climate change and demographic aspects. The idea behind the project should, moreover, be brought to the appropriate participants thanks to large-scale networking in order to raise awareness with regard to the alpine building culture, to establish a basic knowledge on this topic and thus gain stakeholders from the local economy for the project.

AlpBC has been able to utilize the numerous results from its successful predecessor, the AlpHouse project (09/2009 – 08/2012,

Consequently, the project makes a significant contribution to preserving and increasing the attractiveness of the alpine region for living and recreation.

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