Project goals and fields of work

CAMbrella does not conduct its own research activities but will build up a network of different European research institutions in the field of complementary medicine and will foster international cooperation. 

In different working groups, the scientists will work, amongst others,  on the following topics:

  • Develop a consensus-based terminology widely accepted in Europe to describe CAM interventions
  • Questions on methodology in scientific research on complementary medicine
  • Review the current legal status and policies governing CAM provision in the EU and the relevance of CAM in the respective health care systems
  • Explore the needs, believes and attitudes of the EU citizens to CAM and  create a knowledge base of patient demand for CAM and its prevalence

CAMbrella will draw a comprehensive picture of the current situation in CAM research in Europe, which will serve as a starting point for future research activities. Based on this information the CAMbrella consortium will create a roadmap that will enable a sustainable and prioritised EU research roadmap to CAM.

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