BayFOR as partner

The Bavarian Research Alliance has been actively involved in the development and professional preparation of the EU application and now supports HarWin as a partner of the international consortium with project management and dissemination of project findings throughout the entire project.

Dr. Panteleïmon Panagiotou, department head at BayFOR, is in charge of HarWin project management.

Dr. Nico Riemann has supported the coordinator Prof. Dr. Monika Willert-Porada during the application and negotiation phase and is responsible for overseeing the dissemination of project results as part of the "Dissemination and Exploitation" work package. In this case, BayFOR has assumed the public relations activities for HarWin and the responsibility of disseminating the scientific project results and communicating them to the corresponding target groups.

Miriam Lorenz has been commissioned as project manager to handle the administrative and financial management and organize internal communication within the project.

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