The EU project INNOVIP aims to achieve a fundamental improvement in vacuum insulation panels for building insulation. Particular attention will be given to efficiency, price and service life. The solutions developed within the project will be flexible and suitable to both new and existing buildings (either internally or externally). In the long term, it is anticipated that these solutions will contribute significantly to reducing buildings’ CO2 footprints.
Specifically, the project partners have defined the following goals:

  • to improve thermal performance by at least 25%
  • to achieve a minimum standardised service life of 25 years with minimum deterioration
  • to develop an innovative production process incorporating simplified wrapping procedures, and through this to reduce manufacturing costs by 30% compared with those of conventional vacuum insulation panels
  • to reduce insulation material costs by around 30% compared to established vacuum insulation systems and conventional insulating materials (based on the cost per square metre of thermally equivalent insulation systems)
  • to provide additional functionality and durability including resistance to deleterious effects such as mould growth
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