BayFOR as partner

BayFOR is the only German partner in the WE-EEN consortium. It is responsible for identifying Bavarian experts in the waste management industry who are willing to support and establish knowledge transfer through training and consulting services in the participating countries.

Like the other participants, BayFOR starts by analysing the local situation, then searches for partners who are prepared to share their know-how. The aim is to activate and intensify existing local contacts and to find experts for knowledge transfer. In the next phase, the WE-EEN partners, including BayFOR, organise regional training that addresses the local situation and current problems and provides information on EU directives.

BayFOR is also planning an international event for the end of 2012. Furthermore, it is responsible for disseminating the results in Germany. From 2013 onwards, BayFOR will also offer free environmental consulting for SMEs as part of phase 2.

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