Target group

WE-EEN is firstly aimed at EEN employees, then primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and environmental service providers in the participating countries.

In the first instance, WE-EEN plans to pass on to its own employees, with the help of experts, basic knowledge on the subject of environmental protection in industry, to enable them to adequately advise SMEs seeking help.

SMEs in the waste management industry are to be brought up to speed on issues concerning environmental protection in the industry. Many companies are still very uncertain about how they can implement effective environmental protection within their own organisation. More environmentally friendly processes secure a long-term competitive advantage above all and are not just, as is often assumed, a financial burden. For example, production costs can be considerably reduced through more efficient use of resources. WE-EEN aims to correct this misapprehension among small and medium-sized enterprises. In particular, the WE-EEN partners are planning specific workshops for SMEs that are tailored to their individual, local situation, problems and needs. The project thus also acts as an intermediary for putting companies in touch with experts at home and abroad.

Environmental service providers, in their turn, gain access to the hitherto largely untapped south-east European market and are able to make contacts with local industry, while the training gives them a means to prove themselves as competent service providers.

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