The Bavarian Research Alliance, with its headquarters in Munich, was founded in 2006 as an initiative of the University of Bavaria e.V. and the Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences e.V. and set up as a non-profit private organisation in 2007.

Tasks & Goals

BayFOR supports and advises scientists from Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences in competition for regional, national and European research funding – particularly with regard to the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020. The prospects for success of Bavarian actors in the fund-raising of EU subsidies are meant to be improved thereby, and corresponding activities in the ERA, the European Research Area, are meant to be coordinated throughout Bavaria. The BayFOR represents the scientists in Bavaria in that they assume an active role in the support of science and research.

Furthermore, a European Union liaison office in Brussels strengthens Bavarian actors from science and business, in that it conveys essential regional research interests through representation in the structures of European institutions.

It is the goal, furthermore, to increase the participation of Bavarian enterprises – particularly SMEs – in funding programmes and to facilitate closer cooperation between science and business at both national and international level.

Focus of Activities

Our main competencies lie in the following fields of business:

  1. Support in the acquisition of regional, national and European funding: strategic consultation regarding proposals and, if required, support for project execution, particularly with regard to the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020.
  2. International cooperation – particularly as a site for scientific coordination between Bavaria-Québec, Bavaria-Alberta (Canada) and Bavaria-Israel.
  3. Coordination of the joint activities of the Bavarian Research Associations and support for their networking activities at EU level.
  4. Strategic-political representation of interests for Bavarian university research vis-à-vis the European Union in Brussels (lobbying).
  5. Specific support services for SMEs in the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

A team of highly-qualified personnel is available to assist you with further information.

The location for our enterprise lies in the heart of Munich.

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