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Research for People and the Environment: UV Radiation in Bavaria

Prediction of UV levels - sun protection for crops - the origins of environmental toxins - prevention of skin cancer. These and other topics are studied by the Bavarian Research Organisation: Elevated UV Radiation in Bavaria - Consequences and Recommendations (Bayerischer Forschungsverbund: Erhöhte UV-Strahlung in Bayern - Folgen und Maßnahmen), BayForUV. Particular attention is being paid to Bavaria s topographic, climatic and ecological features.

Over the last three decades, the levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation have increased around the world. This rise is directly associated with the depletion of the ozone layer. A group of Bavarian scientists founded the BayForUV Research Organisation in order to search for interdisciplinary answers to the following questions:

- How high is the present level of UV exposure for people and the environment in Bavaria'
- How will the UV exposure for people and the environment develop in the future'
- What consequences does UV radiation have for human health'
- Are effects on the productivity and health of plants in agriculture and horticulture to be expected'
- How does increased UV radiation affect ecological processes'
- What recommendations can be derive for responsible and appropriate action in politics, administration and industry'
- And finally: How can the general public protect themselves from the possible hazards of increased UV radiation'

Research Topics:
BayForU s scientific work is divided into four project areas:
- Measurement and modelling of UV radiation
- Consequences of UV radiation for plant cultivation
- Consequences of UV radiation for ecosystems
- Consequences of UV radiation for human health


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