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Roadshow - EU-Förderprogramme im Bereich Nanowissenschaften und -technologien

Am 27. November 2008 findet für interessierte Wissenschaftler eine kostenlose Informationsveranstaltung zu den neuen europäischen Förderprogrammen im Bereich Nanowissenschaften und -technologien für das Jahr 2009 in München statt. Ferner werden die Möglichkeiten einer Einflussnahme auf das Arbeitsprogramm 2010 erörtert.
-Tagungssprache ist Englisch-

The Bavarian research alliance presents current European funding work programme in the thematic area of
nanoscience and nanotechnology for the funding period of 2009.
Furthermore there will be shown, which possibility exists to influence the funding
programme of 2010. The concept of the draft version of the future topics exists and
can be modified by detailed comments of scientists. This exertion of influence
has the advantage to affect the conditions of future calls by own expertise and
therefore enhance the sponsorship and emphasize one's own scientific work.
It will be explained how the university and the Bavarian research alliance can support
each scientist in applying for European funding with an excellent proposals and how to promote the scientific work by forming
future calls.

The event is free of charge.

Location of the event:
NIM/CeNS-Konferenzraum (Raum 05/06, 5.Stock)
Schellingstr. 4
80799 München

Contact and registration:

Dr. Claudia Reusch
Managing Director

Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM)
Schellingstr. 4
D-80799 München, Germany

phone: +49-89-2180-6794
fax: +49-89-2180-5649

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