Hier finden Sie Veranstaltungen, die für aktive und innovative KMU interessant sind, die bereit sind, auf europäischer Ebene zu agieren:


03/03/2014 Birmingham (United Kingdom) China-Europe 2020 - Smart Low Carbon Cities and Technologies
Brokerage Event
Enterprise Europe Network Midlands
Sector: Energy, Environment

04/03/2014 Zaragoza (Spain) International water exhibition SMAGUA 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Confederación de Empresarios de Aragón (CREA)
Sector: Agricultural and marine resources and products

05/03/2014 London (UK) Ecobuild matchmaking 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Enterprise Europe South-East UK
Sector: Construction technology, energy, environment, materials technology

05/03/2014 Stuttgart (Germany) –  Renewables and energy efficiency measures in buildings in Germany Company Mission
Organisator: Steinbeis-Zentrum-Europa
Sector: Energy, Environment protection,  Industrial manufacture,  Information processing, Information systems, Materials technology ,Measurement methods

05/03/2014 Cremona (Italy) Company Mission at BioEnergy Italy
Organisator: Finlombarda Spa
Sector: Intelligent Energy

05/03/2014 Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) North East in Global Europe (NEIGE) Conference
Organisator: Teesside University
Sector: All

06/03/2014 Cardiff (UK) Brokerage Event at BIOWALES 2014
Organisator: Biowales
Sector: Healthcare
Bio Chem Tech Nano- and Microtechnologies 

06/03/2014 Sofia (Bulgaria) IndustryMatchMaking – IMM2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union Of Bulgarian Business
Sector: Electronics, microelectronics, heavy metals industry, smelting ,industrial manufacture, industry,  materials technology, telecommunications

07/03/2014 Sofia (Bulgaria)Go Green to Environment 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union Of Bulgarian Business
Sector: Energy, environment protection, waste management

07/03/2014 Split (Croatia) –  Tourism@GAST 2014
Brokerage Event
Organisator: Croatian Chamber of Economy, County Chamber Split
Sector: Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Information Technology, transport, Information Processing, Information Systems, Food-Agro Industry

10/03/2014 Hannover (Germany)CeBIT Future Match 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Leibniz University Hannover
Sector: Automation/robotics, electronics, microelectronics
Information processing, information systems, information technology, medicine, health, telecommunications, transport

11/03/2014 Athens (Greece)Athens 2014 B2B Networking Event
Organisator: National Documentation Centre EKT/NHRF
Sector: Agriculture, Fisheries, Food, Energy, Biotechnology

12/03/2014 Poznan (Poland)Budma 2014 Strikes Back
Brokerage Event
Organisator: EEN Central Poland
Sector: Construction Technology

12/03/2014 Madrid (Spain) –  Farmaforum Brokerage Event
Organisator: Fundación Madri+d para el conocimiento
Sector: Biological Sciences, Chemical Industry, Medicine, Health, Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics, Standards-Quality, Veterinary

12/03/2014 Budapest (Hungary)Renexpo Central Europe International Brokerage Event
Organisator: Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency
Sector: Environment

13/03/2014 Naples (Italy)Mission for Growth Campania - Europe 2020 Strategy
Organisator: Camera Di Commercio Industria, Artigianato E Agricoltura Di Napoli
Sector: Energy, Food, Agriculture, Industry

14/03/2014 Nis (Serbia)Company mission & Green Build and Sustainable Construction Conference
Organisator: University of Nis
Sector: Construction technology, energy, environment protection

17/03/2014 Kotrijk (Belgium)Food Business Meetings Tavola 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Agentschap Ondernemen
Sector: Agrofood, Service and Retail

18/03/2014 Berlin (Germany)LaserOptics in Europe Brokerage Event
Organisator: Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
Sector: Biological Sciences, energy, environment, industry, information technology

18/03/2014 Brno (Czech Republik) Contact-Contract Spring 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce
Sector: Electronics, Microelectronics, Industrial Manufacture, Industry, Information Technology

19/03/2014 Rostock (Germany)B2B@BalticRim 2014 -
Brokerage Event
Organisator: Technologiezentrum Warnemünde e.V.
Sector: Automotive, transport and logistics, ICT industry and services, maritime industry and services, materials,
Services and Retail

20/03/2014 Hannover, Braunschweig, Hildesheim (Germany)General Aviation, flight calibration and fibre composites Company Mission
Organisator: NBank
Sector: Aerospace Technology, Materials Technology

20/03/2014 Tampere (Finland) – Money Talks Tampere
Organisator: Technopolis Oyj
Sector: Start Ups

25/03/2014 Birmingham (United Kingdom)Fuel Cells & Hydrogen for Transport and Buildings Information Day
Organisator: EEN Midlands
Sector: Transport

26/03/2014 Bucharest (Romania)Brokerage Event at the International trade fair for technology and environmental protection equipment - Romenvirotec 2014
Organisator: SC IPA - R&D
Sector: Environment

26/03/2014 Poznan (Poland) Metal Processing Subcontracting Meetings 2014
Organisator: Poznan International Fair
Sector: Metal Industry

27/03/2014 Naples (Italy) Bilateral Meetings Event on Solar energy and urban planning Brokerage Event
Organisator: ENEA
Sector: Energy, Environment, Industry, Transport, Construction Technology

27/03/2014 Kielce (Poland)Brokerage Event in the framework of the International Fair of Metal Processing (STOM)
Organisator: Chamber of Industry and Commerce Staropolsk
Sector: Industry

27/03/2014 Palermo (Italy) Europe 2020 Strategy for Growth - Promoting Partnership in Southern Italy
Organisator: Confindustria Sicilia
Sector: Industry, Environment

28/03/2014 Szczecin (Poland)BUD-GRYF & ENERGIA Matchmaking 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: West Pomerania Economic Development Association
Sector: Construction technology, energy

31/03/2014 Firenze (Italy) Meet in Italy for Life Sciences - Tuscany 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Distretto Toscano Scienze della Vita
Sector: Bio Chem Tech Healthcare


01/04/2014 Barcelona (Spain)Brokerage event Alimentaria 2014
Organisator: Agencia de suport a l'Empresa Catalana
Sector: Agrofood

02/04/2014 Varazdin (Croatia)Brokerage event at Voogle Conference 2014
Organisator: Technology Park Varazdin
Sector: Creative Industries

02/04/2014 Goteborg (Germany)ICT Polish-Swedish Company Mission
: Enterprise Europe Network/Swerea IVF AB
Sector: Information Technology

03/04/2014 Frankfurt (Germany)Buyers Lounge at Light & Building 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Enterprise Europe Network Hessen
Sector: Intelligent Energy, Materials

04/04/2014 Riga (Latvia)  –  Baltic Fashion & Textiles Riga 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Latvian Technological Center
Sector: Textile and Fashion

07/04/2014 Budapest and Szeged (Hungary)Market Visit to Hungary Company Mission
Organisator: EEN Midlands
Sector:  -

08/04/2014 Hannover (Germany) HANNOVER MESSE 2014: Technology Cooperation Days, Industrial Measurement Technology Brokerage Event
Organisator: NBank
Sector: Intelligent Energy

08/04/2014 Barleben (Germany)Company Mission to Barleben, Germany including a visit to Hannover Fair
Organisator: Municipality Barleben
Sector: Bio Chem Tech

08/04/2014 Budapest (Hungary)B2B Matchmaking in Budapest Brokerage Event
Organisator: Derbyshire And Nottingham Chamber of Commerce
Sector: Electronic Engineering, Materials

09/04/2014 Hannover (Germany) International Brokerage Event at HANNOVER MESSE 2014
Organisator: Hannover Fair Ground - NORD LB forum
Sector: Automation/Robotics, Electronics, Energy, Heavy metals industry, Materials technology, Measurement and Standards

09/04/2014 Arad (Romania)Brokerage Event at Enreg Energia Renerabila - international trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency, Expo Arad International
Organisator: SC IPA SA - R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing for Automation Equipment
Sector: Renewable Energies

09/04/2014 Cherbourg (France) THETIS - International convention marine renewable energy Brokerage Event
Organisator: Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Région Basse-Normandie
Sector: Energy

09/04/2014 Szeged (Hungary)B2B Matchmaking in Szeged Brokerage Event
Organisator: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Csongrád County
Sector: Food, Industry

09/04/2014 Bucharest (Romania)Market Visit to Romania Company Mission
Organisator: CRIMM
Sector: BioChemTech, Agrofood, Industry etc.

10/04/2014 Istanbul (Turkey)International Beverage and Beverage Technology Exhibition Brokerage Event
Organisator: KOSGEB Istanbul Bogazici Service Centre
Sector: Agrofood, Services and Retail

10/04/2014 London (United Kingdom)Biopesticides Making Integrated Pest Managment work for farmers and growers Brokerage Event
Organisator: Enterprise Europe South-East UK
Sector: Agrofood

10/04/2014 Novara (Italy)H2020 Health brokerage event: Presentation of project ideas for consortia building Brokerage Event
Organisator: Finpiemonte
Sector: Bio Chem Tech

11/04/2014 Bucharest (Romania)Company Mission in Construct Expo 2014 in Romania
Organisator: Fundatia Centrul Roman Pentru Intreprinderi Mici Si Mijlocii
Sector: Construction Technology

11/04/2014 Athens (Greece)Industrial Technologies 2014 Matchmaking Event
Organisator: Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas
Materials, Nano- and Microtechnologies

14/04/2014 Paris La Défense (France)Partnering Event at Transport Research Arena TRA2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum
Sector: Automotive, Transport and Logistics

16/04/2014 Tokyo (Japan)Photonix Japan 2014 Company Mission
Organisator: Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie
Sector: Electronics, microelectronics, materials technology, measurement and standards

17/04/2014 Torino (Italy)Factories of the Future during A&T
Organisator: Torino Chamber of Commerce
Sector: Engineering

24/04/2014 Tallinn (Estonia) Matchmaking at Estonian ICT Week
Organisator: Tartu Science Park
Sector: Information Technologies

24/04/2014 Ruse (Bulgaria)Cross Tour 2014
Organisator: Enterprise Europe Network - BG Ruse
Sector: Tourism and Cultural Heritage

25/04/2014 Bremen (Germany)Jazz ahead 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator:WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH
Sector: Creative Industries

25/04/2014 Vilnius (Lithuania) Brokerage Event for the Construction Industry RESTA 2014
Organisator: Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
Sector: Construction Industry


06/05/2014 Brussels (Belgium)Seafood Expo Global Brokerage Event
Organisator: Scottish Enterprise and Highland Opportunity Ltd.
Sector: Agricultural and Marine Resources and Products

07/05/2014 Istanbul (Turkey) Sustainable, Green & Energy Efficient Constrcutions B2B at 37th Construction Fair Turkeybuild Istanbul 2014
Organisator: Kosgeb Istanbul Anatolian Side Service Centre
Sector: Environment, Intelligent Energy

07/05/2014 Berlin (Germany) conhIT Business Meetings Brokerage Event
Organisator: Berlin Partner GmbH
Sector: Healthcare, ICT

07/05/2014 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) High Tech systems 2013 Brokerage Event
Organisator: TechWatch
Sector: Nano- and Microtechnologies

07/05/2014 Rostock (Germany)German-Dutch Speed Dating Event B2BWind&Maritim 2014
Organisator: Technologiezentrum Warnemünde e.V.
Sector: Energy

08/05/2014 Magdeburg (Germany)Europa Markt 2014
Organisator: IHK Magdeburg
Sector: Service and Retail

08/05/2014 Gothenburg (Sweden) Company Mission: Methanol as a marine Fuel
Organisator: Swerea IVF AB
Sector: Maritime Industry and Services

08/05/2014 Athens (Greece)Company Mission during 5th MedWood 2014 International Exhibition
Organisator: Help-Forward Network
Sector: Household Goods & Appliances

12/05/2014 Dusseldorf (Germany)Polish Mission to Interpack Fair
Organisator: Zenitm GmbH NRW. Europa
Sector: Packaging products and systems

13/05/2014 Luxembourg (Luxembourg)Luxinnovation Forum "Business meets research" - Innovation Matchmaking 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Luxinnovation GIE
Sector: Environment

14/05/2014 Porto Alegre (Brazil) –  BITS Business Matchmaking Brokerage Event
Organisator: International Business Centre – Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Sul
Sector: ICT Industry and Services

19/05/2014 Kaunas (Lithuania)Informational Days Lithuania Company Mission
Organisator: Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
Sector: Packaging for materials

20/05/2014 Milan (Italy)  –  B2B@M2M 2014 Brokerage Event
Organisator: Innovhub SSI
Sector: ICT Industry and Services

20/05/2014 Berlin (Germany)ILA Berlin 2014 Airshow Business Day Company Mission
Organisator: Berlin Partner GmbH
Sector: Aeronautics & Space

21/05/2014 Novi Sad (Serbia)AgroB2B@NSFair Brokerage Event
Organisator: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
Sector: Agrofood

21/05/2014 Nitra (Slovakia) – International Brokerage Event - Engineering 2014
Organisator: BIC Bratislava
Sector: Engineering

21/05/2014 Montpellier (France)Pro'Hydro Business Meetings on Hydro Gaia Water Exhibiion
Organisator: Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Région Languedoc-Roussillon
Sector: Agrofood

25/05/2014 Stockholm ISiCPEAW 2014 Matchmaking
Organisator: SiC Power Center
Sector: Electronics

28/04/2014 Aviemore (United Kingdom) Aquaculture 2014
Organisator: Highland Opportunity Ltd
Sector: Aquaculture


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