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Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft im Verbund. Vorträge zu den Themenbereichen: "Entwicklung und Anwendung neuer Lebendimpfstoffe" und "Innovative Virusvektoren für die somatische Gentherapie". Informationen bei der Geschäftsstelle von FORGEN ProgrammThursday, February 21st, 2002 (start 13:20)-Bernhard Fleckenstein, Erlangen: Opening -Alexander Schmidt, Münster:AID-A-System: from autotransporter towards a presentation modul for the development of live bacterial vectors- Ulf Rapp, Würzburg:Development of live vaccines based on attenuated intracellular bacteria for tumortherapy and -prophylaxis-Claus Lattemann, Augsburg:Live attenuated Salmonella as oral vaccines-Eric Oswald, Toulouse: Reprogramming the host cell cycle: an undercover strategy of pathogenic E.coli-Jürgen Kleinschmidt, Heidelberg:The AAV vector system: new development and applications in cancer gene therapy.-Michael Hallek, München: Targeting of AAV - vectors-Ulrich Moebius, München: HSV-oncolytic viruses as a therapeutic tool-Andy H. Baker, Glasgow: Targeted gene delivery to the vasculature-Chantal Lagresle, Paris:Gene therapy of severe combined immunodeficiencyFriday, February 22nd, 2002-Brian Salmons, Wien:Targeted retroviral vectors for tumour therapy-Christine Leib-Mösch, Neuherberg: Transcriptional activity of human endogenous retroviruses and their potential use for tissue-specific therapeutic vectors-Francois-Loic Cosset, Lyon:Development of lentiviral vectors for invivo gene delivery-Peter Sebo, Prague:Adenylate cyclase toxoid: a novel vaccine vector for induction of cellular immune responses-Holger Rüssmann, München:Yersinia as a live carrier vaccine-Ingo Autenrieth, Tübingen:Safety and efficacy of live carrier vaccines-Michael Hensel, Erlangen:Optimising Salmonella as live carriers for recombinant vaccines -Ben Berkhout, Amsterdam:Conditional virus replication as an approach to a safe live- attenuated HIV-1 vaccine-Christian Berens, Erlangen:Dox-dependent expression of apoptosis genes induces cell death -Wolfgang Hammerschmidt, München:B - cell specific gene vectors-Helmut Fickenscher, Erlangen: Rhadinovirus vectors for human T lymphocytes-Timothy R. Hirst, Bristol:Toxins as novel therapeutic agents-Tobias Ölschläger, Würzburg:Probiotics as carriers for life vaccines-Christof Berberich, Würzburg:Dendritic cell-based vaccination strategies: induction of protective immunity against leishmaniasis-Michael Wagner, Freising:New insights in subspecies differences of Listeria monocytogenes derived from comparative sequence analyses and the use of an amoebal and mammalian cell infection model -Rino Rappuoli, Siena:Reverse vaccinology:a genome-based approach to vaccine development Saturday, February 23rd, 2002-Stefan H. E. Kaufmann, Berlin: Rational vaccine design against intracellular bacteria: implications for the control of tuberculosis-Stefan Bauer, München:Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) recognises bacterial CpG-DNA-Carmen Buchrieser, Paris:A genomics approach to the genus Listeria-Gerd Sutter, München:Vaccinia virus MVA for delivery of recombinant genes: evaluation in prophylactic vaccination and immunotherapy-Axel Rethwilm, Dresden: Development of foamy virus vectors-Helmut Hanenberg, Düsseldorf:Transduction of hematopoietic stem cells with retroviral vector systems-Richard Vile, Rochester, MN:Gene delivery and immunotherapy for cancer







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