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Reduction of waste can be achieved by both treatment of existing waste and minimization of waste production. Recycling returns valuable substances into useful application, reduction of waste production by integrated technologies prevents from resources depletion. Although industry has been extremely successful in waste treatment and recycling during the last century, still a huge demand for new technologies can be observed. Science can contribute to the new technologies needed. In contrast to classic disciplines like chemistry, biology or physics scientific considerations being concerned with waste and waste management require an interdisciplinary access: scientists and engineers of different scientific backgrounds have to cooperate. In order to initiate an intensive cooperation among the scientific disciplines and to improve the efficiency of research in the field of waste management the Bavarian Government decided in 1991 to establish the " Bavarian Network for Waste Research and Residual Reuse " BayFORREST ("Bayerischer Forschungsverbund Abfallforschung und Reststoff-verwertung."). Since then scientists from Bavarian universities are invited to participate in this network in order to explore the fundamentals of natural science and engineering. The Network has an annual budget of up to 9 million DM an is financed by two Bavarian State ministries: - Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts - Bavarian State Ministry of Regional Development and Environmental Affairs Scientists have to apply for this funding. The research program is supervised by a scientific advisory board. At present about 50 scientists are working on about 38 research projects at Bavarian universities. Due to the global importance of waste management, waste treatment and recycling, the research activities have been extended to the treatment of international problems of waste management. These international activities could be intensified by two international conferences held in Narbonne (1997) and Munich (1998).


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Bavarian State Ministry for Science, Research and Arts