GTC - General Terms and Conditions for Events of the Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR)

Article 1 General Information about Event Registration

A prior binding registration and a corresponding confirmation from BayFOR is a prerequisite for participating in BayFOR events.

Online registration of participants on the BayFOR website ( is subject to acceptance of the following General Terms and Conditions.

Applications must be submitted by the respectively cited deadline or until the maximum number of participants is attained. Applications are usually taken into account in the order they are received. We recommend submitting an application as early as possible as the number of participants is limited.

In case of events that focus on target groups, we reserve the right to disregard any participants who registered in due time but who do not correspond with the target group to be addressed.

Article 2 Registration/Contract formation

After receiving your application, BayFOR will send you a personalized and automatically generated receipt confirmation via e-mail.

You will receive confirmation of participation (confirmation of possibility to participate) for face-to-face events about two weeks before the event date, and for online meetings no later than two days before the event date. We point out that only this confirmation of participation entitles you to participate in the event.

The participation fee charged for BayFOR events is variable and based on the expenses that are incurred. It usually includes seminar documents and catering during breaks.

The exact participation fee is cited in the respective announcement of the event on our website and in the invitations. A reduced participation (e.g. in case of events lasting several days) does not entitle the participant in general to a reduced participation fee.

You will receive the invoice for the registration fee separately by mail. The invoice is due for payment upon receipt.

Article 3 Cancellation of event by organizer

The organizer reserves the right to cancel due to insufficient number of participants, illness of presenter, force majeure or other unforeseeable events that make it impossible to carry out the event or which would lead to unreasonable expenses on part of the organizer and thus withdraw from the agreement. Participants shall be notified immediately about such changes.

If the event is cancelled, there is no obligation for the event to be held.

The organizer will attempt to reschedule the event to be held on a different date for the participants, provided that these are in agreement and a suitable alternate date is available.

Otherwise, the registration fee that has already been paid shall be refunded immediately. Participants are not entitled to any more extensive rights.

Article 4 Cancellations/changes on part of participants

Participation can only be cancelled in writing while citing the name of the participant and the respective event and must be sent to: Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH, Event Management, Prinzregentenstr. 52, 80538 Munich, Germany, e-mail:, fax: +49(0)89 9901888 -29.

If a fee is charged for the event, the participant can cancel seven (7) workdays prior to the date of a face-to-face event and two (2) workdays prior to the date of an online meeting without a fee. In case of a later cancellation or failure to appear, the entire participation fee must be paid.

A substitute or representative can be sent without having to pay an additional fee. BayFOR must be informed about the name of the representative at least two (2) workdays prior to the event.

Article 5 Data Processing/Privacy Protection

BayFOR will save, process and use personal data of the participant, provided no further consent has been given, in compliance with the statutory provisions, for example for invoicing. If the participant gives their consent at, their address data will also be used by BayFOR for advertising and information purposes in accordance with the participant's selection. You can revoke or restrict your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to or in writing (Bayerische Forschungsallianz (Bavarian Research Alliance) GmbH, Prinzregentenstr. 52, 80538 Munich).

Data protection information according to Art. 13 and 14 GDPR

Below you will find our data protection information:

Article 6 Other Costs (Travel, Accommodations, etc.)

The participant is responsible for travel, overnight accommodations or other expenses. The participant is responsible for cancelling hotel reservations and travel arrangements himself*herself and will bear all costs arising in connection with the cancellation.

Article 7 Consent for preparation of media

During events, photos, videos and other recordings may be made for the organizer's own promotional purposes, which may be published on their own website, in books and their own advertising materials.

These are not individual portraits but rather photos that provide an overview of the event, in which individuals may be recognizable, however, as event participants.

By submitting the registration form, the participant ensures that he*she is aware of this and that he*she gives his*her express consent in this regard that such photos, videos or other recordings may be made and published.

Article 8 Copyrights

Titles, advertising materials, concepts, contents and methods of implementation as well as participant documents that are handed out during the event are the intellectual property of the organizer and its partners. All rights are reserved by the organizer and the respective partner.

Participant documents and materials that are provided to the participants during the event or afterwards are only intended for personal use. By submitting the registration form, the participant agrees to observe these rights.

Article 9 Exclusion of Liability

Reasons that are beyond BayFOR's control and sphere of influence can make it necessary to change the contents or the schedule of the event programme. Such changes do not constitute a basis for a reimbursement of the participation fee.

Article 10 General information

Every participant accepts full responsibility for himself*herself and his*her actions during the event and beyond and shall be held liable for any possible damages caused.

Should you have any questions relating to registration, please contact:

Bayerische Forschungsallianz (Bavarian Research Alliance) GmbH
Prinzregentenstr. 52
80538 Munich
Phone: +49 (0)89 9901888 -0
Fax: +49 (0)89 9901888 -29

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