Research Association for Tumour Diagnostics for Individualised Therapy

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Pioneering technological developments in the fields of computer technology and biological characterisation of tissues and individual cells, and their most detailed composition and function, now allow comprehensive analysis of individual tumour diseases. It is becoming possible to incorporate the processing of large amounts of data into daily care quickly and at justifiable economic cost for each individual case, with the aim of an individually tailored therapeutic strategy. The differential diagnostics of individual tumour tissue using high-resolution functional imaging and genetic analysis is complemented by less invasive examinations of tumour cells and messenger substances from blood samples and urine. Single-cell analyses and efficient testing of cultures grown in the test tube are being developed and automated. The data obtained provides a differentiated picture of a tumour in terms of malignancy, growth, interaction with the immune system, tendency to metastasize, and response to medication. In the past, scientists from the interdisciplinary consortium "FORTiTher" have contributed to these advances with a wide range of preparatory work. In the future, they will bring together technologies from the various fields in the research association along with researching industry and lay the foundations for the swift transfer of high-tech test systems to medical care.


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