Family Life in Bavaria - Empirical Insights into Transformations, Resources and Negotiations

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Families in Bavaria are facing considerable challenges. Social, economic, demographic and technological changes are altering the living conditions and situations of families in the region in a variety of ways. Recognizing the concerns and needs of families is a central social task, especially for sustainable policy-making.

The Research Association ForFamily aims to gain new insights into this by investigating the specific social and regional conditions of families in Bavaria. It is particularly concerned with the transformation and negotiation processes in and around families and the available resources.

The project is innovative due to its interdisciplinary format, which brings together different scientific and social perspectives. It aims to understand the "how" of this dynamic interplay and, in particular, to shed light on the internal family structure and family life from the perspective of those involved. Through intensive collaboration within the interdisciplinary team, ForFamily aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of current and future social challenges in the context of family change.


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Bavarian Ministry of Science and the Arts