The role of BayFOR

For a few years now, BayFOR has been a key partner of the Bavarian Research Associations, which are funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation and/or Bavarian ministries. BayFOR assists the individual research associations by offering a number of services. These include a basic advisory service on setting up a new association and support for networking activities and for media and public relations work. Its aim, among other things, is to raise the profile of the "Bavarian Research Association" brand.

Furthermore, BayFOR offers the associations an advisory service regarding whether and how parts of the association can continue at European level when the Bavarian grant runs out.

The support we offer for media and public relations work includes:

Online platform

  • Every association is given its own area on the BayFOR website ( free of charge. Here the association can provide information about its areas of work, sub-projects, events and publications, as well as news about the association.

Press activities

  • Support in drafting press releases
  • Publishing these press releases through the “idw” scientific information service (
  • Sending them to thematically-relevant press contacts

Creation of PR material

  • Free drafting and printing of a double-sided information leaflet on the research association (at least 500 copies) in German and English.
  • Production of a trade fair stand for every association. This requires a contribution from the association.

Publications in the BayFOR newsletter

  • In our BayFOR newsletter, we report on the initiation and closure of each Bavarian research association and on interesting results from research.


  • Presentation of the associations at the BayFOR trade fair stand at thematically relevant trade fairs and congresses.
  • Inclusion of the associations in BayFOR's trade fair-related media work.

Contact at BayFOR

Dr. rer. nat. Günther Weiß

Dr. rer. nat. Günther Weiß
Head of Unit Liaison Office Research Associations
Phone: +49 89 9 90 18 88-190

Emmanuelle Rouard

Emmanuelle Rouard
Head of Public Relations
Phone: +49 89 9901888-111

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