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Car buyers can nowadays personalize their vehicle in a wide range of options. So there are no two similar models produced at any day. Moreover, the trend shows even stronger in the direction of customized products and services. The outcome is an increasing diversity of variants and models. As a result, complex challenges for the logistics have to be coped with. The Bavarian Research Association ForLog wants to overcome the new difficulties by introducing "Supra-adaptive Logistics Systems". Supra-adaptive in this context means that a logistics system quickly and efficiently adapts itself to dynamic changes within the whole value chain by minimal costs. Automotive producers are committed to quality for their customers and bound by the adherence to delivery days. This is valid for the component and module suppliers as well as for the logistics service provider. All parties are integrated in a global and complex system of interdependence. Increasing diversity and globalisation therefore demand the best possible, i.e. the optimally matching degree of flexibility to fulfil those needs. The aim of ForLog is to examine the complete logistics network of the automotive industry and to develop new concepts to handle the complex material and information flow with greater adaptability and versatility. The task encompasses planning and organisation of the logistics structures as well as of the material and information flow within the whole value chain. This also reflects the cost-value ratio of every measure and the qualification of the employees. ForLog analyses and describes such a logistics system in corporation with the automotive producers, who yield 35% of the Bavarian economys export volume. 15% of the jobholders in Bavaria are employed in the automotive industry. The automotive suppliers today produce nearly three-fourth of every car. Logistics service providers are responsible for the freight transport and take over an increasing number of new tasks formerly the automobile producers have dealt with. The results of the research projects are not only limited to the automotive industry. They are meant to be also valid for all other similar value adding networks with the same complexity, as for instance the aerospace industry.


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