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New and Traditional Materials
Materials research and technology are the cornerstones of economic development. The use of new materials opens up considerable potential for new products, while simultaneously conserving resources and protecting the environment. Improving the properties of traditional materials, however, also provides opportunities for innovation. Only those who remain at the forefront of the development of new materials or the improvement of existing materials stand a chance in the face of global competition.

Innovation through information
Small and medium-sized companies who cannot afford their own development laboratories should be able to profit immediately from the latest discoveries of materials researchers. FORMAT (Baverian Research Association of Material Sciences) brings companies together with experts in research institutes by:
- the provision of online information on all matters of materials technology
- the organisation of specialist events covering materials topics
- sponsoring materials science research projects
- consultation on all questions relating to materials
- establishing contacts between institutions of higher education and industry.

Materials science online
FORMAT s most powerful tool is online information provision, transferring the latest knowledge rapidly to the outside world. The key focus of the entire web presence, however, is M-Line 2 an online database for researching materials and materials knowledge. M-Line 2 provides information about materials, research institutes, test and investigation methods, processing methods and about materials manufacturers. There are data on materials from all the metal groups and for ceramics, polymers, composites and natural materials.

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