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FORobotics convention - mobile robotics


On the 4th of July there was the first FORobotics convention - mobile robotics at the IHK Schwaben in Augsburg.

First Dr. Matthias Köppel, head of the Standardpolitik of the IHK Schwaben and Prof. Reinhardt, speaker of FORobotics gave a speech about the changes of mobile robotics in the industry. 

After that the coordinator of the association FORobotics presented the project and the actual progress. Also the project partners, like Grenzebach, Yaskawa and Stäubli, gave insight into their actual work and development. 

Mr. Guggenberger, Hefter Maschinenbau, discussed the integration of the FORobotics Platform into their intra logistics. 

The convention had about 100 participants, who could visit the FORobotics plattform during the breaks. 


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