(6) Technology and knowledge transfer

Transfer, communication, interdisciplinary, network, platform, cooperation, interaction, presentation, forum, multisector, multiplicator, integrated – these are all catchwords which increasingly determine our life in recent years. This is the reason why BayFORREST established the project field “Technology and knowledge transfer“. BayFORREST organizes annually several expert conferences in different fields of interest. The purpose of the conferences is to present the eresearch results to the public and to provide a mutual platform for researchers and entrepreneurs for the exchange of ideas. In addition, the organization and its members participate in a number of national and a variety of international conferences, conventions and trade fairs. Apart from a platform for professionals, BayFORREST provides information to all citizens with the help of wide-encompassing special events and pamphlets. The annual status report has become a readily used information source. Additionally, research reports and conference proceedings are published regularly. The volume of digital publications has increased in recent years. The research organization serves already as a technology transfer and communication platform for project ideas for the cooperation in different science fields, trade and industry. Entrepreneurs can use the organization as a contact exchange platform which supports the early integration of research in trade and industry. This, in turn, supports and increases applied research. Small and medium-sized enterprises without their own research and development departments have the possibility to profit from BayFORREST and their highly qualified collaborators. In the past, the platform provided by BayFORREST brought together reserachers of different disciplines. This type of cooperation should be expanded in the future ! Projects dealing with the same subject will be clustered together during the the project period, in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and know-how. BayFORREST will strengthen its function as an information channel and junction for the transfer of knowledge and technology within the scope of project sector 6.


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