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Central project

The central project is the core project and will generate the basis for the integration of neuroscientific, bioinformatic and ethical as well as legal aspects into the consortium.
The central project will standardize and further develop stem cell technology in all aspects relevant to the ForInter consortium. It will support the other subprojects and more importantly, pursue projects with crucial value across the consortium to better understand and develop the technology of 2D and 3D cultivation of human neural cells.
The central project will act as a training center for the participating scientists and as such will provide support in 1) stem cells and planning of stem cell experiments and 2) 2D- and 3-D cultivation and in 3) conducting genome editing using CRISPR/ Cas9. Together with the clinician scientist (TP Winkler) it will support the generation of new biomaterial of patients and translation of the in vitro findings back to the patient.
In addition, the central project will coordinate the task force groups dealing with four overarching subprojects 
A) Characterization and neurophysiological activity in 3D brain organoids during long- term cultivation.
B) Establishing co-culture conditions for neural cells.
C) Genomic stability of genome-edited IPSZ and hES and their cellular derivatives.
D) Analysis of genome data. The central project is the centerpiece of ForInter and the hub for the interaction of clinical and basic neuroscience together with bioinformatics as well as legal and ethical aspects.

Project lead:

Prof. Dr. Beate Winner
Department of Stem Cell Biology, Universitaetsklinkum Erlangen

Prof. Dr. Juergen Winkler
Department of Molecular Neurology


Sonja Ploetz

Michaela Farell

Johanna Kaindl

Tayana Pozner

Project partners:


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