B3: Optimization of the indirect Metal Laser Sintering for building precise tools for the injection molding

The Indirect Metal Laser Sintering is a Layer Manufacturing Technology (also called Rapid Technology) which builds metal parts. Despite having great potential, the numbers of application of the IMLS process in the toolmakers industry is very low. This is caused by the material properties which are not good enough in every area as well as by less distortion of parts build by the IMLS process. The target of the project B3 is to optimize the process in order to build tools and mold inserts for the injection molding. Hereby, the IMLS must fulfill the requirements on a tool in the fields of quality and die life of a small series. The new material A6 has very good material properties particularly for tools and mold inserts. In order to optimize the distortion of the parts, a special Finite-Element-Simulation will be developed. Hereby, the method of using reaction kinetic models in the FEA will be applied and for a later use automated as well as possible. First of all, an inquiry of the market in the field of injection molding will be done and an adequate application field in different branches will be elicited. Adapted from this results, geometries of parts will be created, tools and mold inserts will be constructed and finally, tools will be produced. For testing the ability of the IMLS, parts will be produced by injection molding and their quality will be investigated.


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