C1: The Influence of Innovative Forming Dies on the Tribology of Synchronizer Rings in Manual Transmissions

Within the scope of the submitted project, the influence of innovative forming dies on the tribology of synchronizer rings in manual transmission systems is analyzed. Through optimization of the forming die, the frictional and wear behavior of the synchronizer rings is improved. As the needed sintered metallic friction lining only can be applied on even plates, the friction lining also has to be reformed and thus to be brought into the required conical shape. Thereby, it is important to flatten the friction pad as less as possible. Up to now, the performance of the sintered metallic friction lining is deteriorated through the process of reforming (frictional behavior, wear resistance, durability). The aim is to obtain the functional quality of the friction lining during the process of reformation as good as possible by the use of innovative tool surfaces, reform-sequences as well as the use of appropriate reform-fluids. For that relevant reform, operations are reproduced by FE-Simulations and the deformation process, forces, stresses and springbacks are analyzed. The information won hereby is used to optimize consisting reform-sequences respectively to develop alternative ones. The following step in this project is to use the results of the simulation to build samples which are evaluated by rig testing. The results from the experiment again are used to improve the boundary conditions for the simulation.


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