DFG: German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP) (submission deadline: April 1, 2024)

DFG: German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP) (submission deadline: April 1, 2024)

The German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP) funds bilateral research projects for a period of 5 years.

The German-Israeli Project Cooperation, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and administered by the German Research Foundation (DFG), is once again inviting German and Israeli scientists from all disciplines to submit a joint research project in its 28th call for proposals by April 1, 2024. The preselection and submission of a maximum of 2 applications per institution will be carried out by the Israeli project partners at the respective research institutions. In a broad evaluation round on the German side, the applications to be funded will be selected by a panel of experts.

Who can apply?

German and Israeli scientists.

Israeli scientists must belong to one of the following research institutions and submit the joint application via this institution:

  •  Bar-Ilan University
  •  Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  •  The University of Haifa
  •  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  •  Reichman University
  •  Tel Aviv University
  •  Technion – The Israel Institute of Technology
  •  Weizmann Institute of Science

Project duration and budget:

5 years / max. € 1.655.000,00

Application deadline:

April 1, 2024

Further information can be found here.

Contact at BayFOR:

Dr. Anna Abelmann-Brockmann
Scientific Coordinator
Scientific Coordination Office
Phone: +49 89 9901888-166
E-Mail: abelmann@bayfor.org

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