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    INDEED ("Innovation for Dementia in the Danube Region") is a three-year (2018-2021) follow-up project to DANDEC ("DAnubian Network for Dementia Education and Care") in the EU's Interreg Danube Programme.


    TIRCON (Treat Iron-Related Childhood-Onset Neurodegeneration) is an Integrated Project in the health sector of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (FP7).

  • ABBY-Net

    Interdisciplinary network for co-development of energy and ecosystems


    The Alberta/Technical University of Munich International Graduate School on Functional Hybrid Material


    CARE CAMPUS (Caregiving and Ageing Reimagined for Europe) is based on 19 european and north american partners to improve the education of professional and family caregivers using online training.


    The Danubian Network for Dementia Education and Care (DANDEC) is an initiative to improve the care of people with dementia in the Danube region. The Consortium comprises academic partners, enterprises, and patient organisations from 10 Danube countries. It has proceeded in two phases (2013-2014; 2016-2017) and has been funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

  • Digitalisation Dialogue

    The RLS-Sciences dialogue on digitalisation fosters a better understanding of the digital challenges facing business and society. Outputs will be practical and adaptable tools for SMEs, and the development of guidelines for digital innovation management in enterprises.


    The European Multidisciplinary Initiative on Neuroacanthocytosis (EMINA) was funded by the E-Rare-program. It analyzed different neuroacanthocytosis syndromes and evaluated samples of chorea-acanthocytosis patients.

  • Global Aerospace Campus

    RLS-Sciences Global Aerospace Campus is creating a virtual training platform to promote global teaching of highly qualified professionals in aerospace. Academic cooperation includes online and on-site exchange.

  • ClimEx

    ClimEx analyzes the effects of climate change on meteorological and hydrological extreme events and implications for water management in Bavaria and Québec.

  • Small Satellites

    The RLS-Sciences Small Satellites project fosters research and training excellence in the field, and promotes technology transfer and commercialization of the first applications in 3D Earth observation and in telecommunications.

  • Renewable Energy Network

    The RLS-Sciences Renewable Energy Network is a network to provide privileged access to research activities and a platform for long-term cooperation projects. It supports the exchange of information, information on scientific conferences, and the identification of funding opportunities.


    Research to Assess Policies and Strategies for Dementia in the Young

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