Renewable Energy Network

Initiated in 2012 as a follow-up of the RLS meeting in São Paulo, the network is committed to promoting research in the field of renewable energies. The geographical scope and diversity of the regions provide the foundation to conduct research on a wide range of topics from production through to consumption. Multidisciplinary research approaches, innovative methods of cooperation, and an emphasis on being a collaborative network are the principles to which the participating researchers are dedicated.

Representatives of the regional governments, funding agencies, and clusters are active parts of this unique initiative, and they cooperate according to a governance structure that has been implemented to enable interaction. The Renewable Energy Network has a virtual working platform ( to facilitate scientific exchange. Once a year the network members meet in person according to a scientific agenda set up annually.

The main objective has been to create a unique, dedicated research and innovation network that secures access to knowledge over four continents, adding real value for its participants and enabling them to be more competitive in the international scientific community.
The network aims to enable scientific exchange among its members, and give privileged access to research activities undertaken by the network partners. To achieve this, one target is the exchange of young researchers. A long-term objective is to generate large-scale research projects within the network.

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