EUREKA is a European initiative for application-oriented research and development. It offers companies and scientific institutions the framework for cross-border and market-oriented cooperation on innovative topics. ITEA 4 is a cluster under EUREKA, led by industry and supporting projects in the field of software-intensive systems and services (SiSS). The funding is awarded via national or regional funding programmes after receiving an ITEA-4 label in the participating countries. These national funds must be applied for separately.

ITEA 4: Benefits for applicants

In contrast to larger programmes, ITEA 4 has a lean structure:

  • Open topics: the project partners define the content, scope, nature and duration of the cooperation
  • Low administrative effort
  • Easy application
  • Quick evaluation
  • Outstanding success rate

ITEA 4 topic areas (challenges)

The topics of ITEA 4 are as follows:

  • Smart cities
  • Smart municipalities
  • Smart health
  • Smart mobility
  • Smart industry
  • Smart energy
  • Smart engineering
  • Safety and security

Target groups of ITEA 4

Although the ITEA 4 cluster is industry-driven, the calls for proposals are not only aimed at large-scale industry, but also at small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, non-university research institutions and user organisations. They usually participate as partners in ITEA-4 projects.

Which countries participate in ITEA 4?

24 of the 27 EU Member States are participating in ITEA 4 – Latvia, Poland and Slovakia are the exceptions. Project partners from the following non-EU countries are also eligible to apply:

  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom

Calls for proposals and funding conditions

ITEA-4 calls are published once a year. The application process has two stages: A Project Outline (PO) is submitted first, followed by a Full Project Proposal (FPP). If the application is approved, projects receive the ITEA-4 label, which the project partners can use to apply for national funding in their respective home states. In Germany, the DLR project-executing organisation serves as the point of contact for ITEA-4 projects. It works closely with the German funding body, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


  • An ITEA-4 consortium must include at least two partners from two participating states or one participating state and one associated state, be industry-driven as well as innovative and market-oriented.
  • The project duration is usually three years.
  • ITEA 4 is – within the SSiS framework – open-topic.
  • The time frame from submission of the project outline to the start of the project is approx. 7 months.

More about ITEA 4 on the web:

Official website of ITEA 4

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