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All funding applications in Horizon Europe are reviewed by external experts in a peer review process. The EU Commission is therefore constantly looking for competent, independent experts.

You must meet the following requirements if you wish to act as an expert:

  • Specialist expertise for the relevant call for tenders
  • Possession of a university degree
  • Willingness for occasional work covering multiple days
  • Obligation to maintain confidentiality
  • No conflicts of interest

The following criteria are taken into account when selecting experts:

  • Expertise and experience
  • Language skills
  • Balance between women and men
  • Geographical diversity
  • Balanced participation of different sectors such as universities, industry, other organisations
  • Regular rotation


The European Commission provides a database in which potential experts can register, see Entry is possible during the entire term of Horizon Europe.

Special features:

Alternatively, the European Commission may also appoint experts irrespective of their registration in the database. For the evaluation of applications for the European Research Council (ERC), the European Commission selects experts on the basis of a proposal from the ERC Scientific Council.

Why become an expert?

Working as an expert provides a deep insight into the implementation of EU funding programmes. For scientists who strive to support their own projects, this brings significant advantages. It is therefore recommended that anyone wishing to apply for funding should have work as an expert with the EU. As a rule, work as an expert is compensated with an expense allowance.

You can find more information concerning this topic here.

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