BayFOR support

BayFOR’s scientific officers apply their extensive knowledge of the EU Commission’s expectations and their experience in the field of project development and project implementation, and support scientists and small and medium-sized enterprises in all phases of an EU project on a subject-specific basis, e.g.:

  • Identification of suitable tenders
  • Assessment of the prospects for success
  • Design of the project
  • Support in the creation of a competitive consortium, including the targeted search for international cooperation partners via their networks
  • Design of the application, particularly in the areas concerning management (transferring the idea into project structures), impact (conveying added value for European citizens) and dissemination (publicising results and public relations)
  • If the evaluation is successful, consortium support if necessary: from the preparation of the contract to conclusion of the contract
  • Where appropriate, BayFOR takes over project management and the dissemination of scientific results as a consortium partner for projects coordinated in Bavaria.

You can find a detailed description of our services in the EU area here.

Are you planning a research or innovation project but don't have the funding yet? Turn your idea into reality and bring top Bavarian research to EU level! Contact our scientific officers for specific information on individual disciplines:

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Competent Support for Excellent Research in Bavaria, Europe and the World

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