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When it comes to EU funding for research, development and innovation, we see ourselves as a full-service provider. We can come on board at various stages of the application process and to various extents, depending on the wishes and needs of the Bavarian project partner or consortium. We can get involved in any project with at least one Bavarian partner and in such cases our services are provided free of charge. The services we offer are particularly oriented towards scientists at a Bavarian University or University of Applied Sciences and to employees of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Bavaria. Furthermore, we are also delighted to assist other organisations, such as public municipalities, authorities and large-scale companies.

We also offer free information and support to players outside Bavaria (as long as a Bavarian partner is involved). We act as their gateway to Bavaria in the area of research and innovation and help them find relevant Bavarian partners for their project.

  • Advisory services on EU funding programmes

    Our scientific experts offer subject-specific information on European, national and regional research and innovation funding programmes. The focus of our activities is directed at EU programmes.

  • EU funding application support

    We actively assist you in setting up your project, building research and innovation consortia and, above all, applying for funding.

  • Project partner search

    With our support, you can find the right project partners from science and industry worldwide. As part of the Enterprise Europe Network, BayFOR can, among other things, access the database of the largest European SME advisory network.

  • SME advisory services

    How does the EU define an SME? What funding is out there for SMEs? Our advisory service for small and medium-sized enterprises can answer these and other questions.

  • Representation of interests

    BayFOR's liaison office in Brussels represents the interests of Bavarian R&I stakeholders at European level, increases their visibility and acts as their intermediary establishing contacts with European institutions.

  • Project management

    If an EU project is approved, BayFOR can, if asked, take on management of the project if its coordination is based in Bavaria.

  • Public relations

    When an EU project is successfully funded, BayFOR can circulate the results of research to stakeholders, the press and the general public.

  • Conflict management in projects

    In case of a dispute, projects with Bavarian partners, scientists at Bavarian universities and employees of Bavarian companies can access BayFOR's mediator to prevent any disputes from resulting in court proceedings.

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