Our services for scientists, SMEs and municipalities in Bavaria

When it comes to EU funding for research, development and innovation, we see ourselves as a full-service provider. We can get involved in any project with at least one Bavarian partner and in such cases our services are provided free of charge. The services we offer are particularly oriented towards scientists at a Bavarian university or university of applied sciences and to employees of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Bavaria. Furthermore, we are also delighted to assist other organisations, such as Bavarian municipalities and authorities.

Our target groups in Bavaria are:

Scientists in Bavaria

Are you a scientist at a Bavarian university, a Bavarian university of applied sciences or another research institution? Are you looking for European funding and professional, tailored support around your application for an EU grant? Then you've come to the right place! Our scientific experts come from specialist backgrounds and understand your academic and applied research and innovation plans. These experts have already successfully provided assistance to many European RDI projects and other international and national projects, and in many cases they have implemented these themselves.

Success stories

You can read a selection of BayFOR's success stories here:

ECOPOTENTIAL – 47 partners from across Europe come together to preserve protected areas
EIT Raw Materials: Pooling European cutting-edge research relating to raw materials
RAMSES: Efficiently combating online fraud across the EU
ESIT: Versatile young specialists for tinnitus research

SMEs in Bavaria

BayFOR advises and supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Bavaria in applying for grants for their research, development and innovation projects. As an SME, our purpose-built SME advisory services  will be your main port of call. Furthermore, BayFOR is part of the Enterprise Europe Network, the world's largest, advisory network for SMEs co-funded by the EU. As an SME you can benefit from that service, too.

Our service focuses on the European framework programme for research and innovation, "Horizon 2020". BayFOR will also assist you in obtaining other European, international and national grants and dedicated funding for SMEs.

Success stories

You can read a selection of Bavarian SMEs' success stories here:

M3i: Medical expertise in one place
TrustNode: Smart network technology for the Internet of Things

Municipalities in Bavaria

Municipalities in Bavaria face similar challenges to all European communities. For example, current issues include energy-efficient construction or adaptation of existing buildings to streamline energy use, and sustainable urban mobility. European research and innovation projects can also offer stakeholders from local authorities an exciting context in which to look for future-oriented solutions in partnership with other involved parties from science and industry, as well as other European communities. If you, as a Bavarian local authority, take part in a European cooperation project, you can benefit from the following positive aspects:

  • Public awareness and an improvement of your city’s image
  • Synergy effects between partner towns/cities looking to achieve their common goals
  • New development opportunities in your area thanks to grants
  • Contribution to European aims in your RDI field
  • Qualifications and further education for your own staff
  • Stronger intercultural skills

Success stories

You can read a selection of success stories here:

SMARTER TOGETHER: Innovation for Munich
CIVITAS ECCENTRIC: Mobility project focusing on urban districts

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