Expert support for your EU application

We are on hand for Bavarian applicants or consortia with Bavarian participation to provide comprehensive support free of charge in the application process. The principal focus is the European framework programme for research and innovation Horizon Europe.

Scope of application support

We can come on board at various stages of the application process, depending on the wishes and needs of the consortium – from very early involvement to substantiate an initial idea through to final review of the application to ensure its completeness and consistency with the call for proposals. The earlier we receive the request, the greater the impact we can have. It is especially important when an idea is only in its infancy that we get an initial outline of the project from you, including the most important details. You will find a template here.


Our scientific officers have in-depth academic training and are therefore not only competent in providing general funding advice, but also in supporting an application in your respective specialism. They can assess the potential of a project idea as well as the quality of funding applications and contribute to a certain extent in terms of content, too. In the case of Horizon Europe applications, however, our involvement regarding content focuses on the “Impact” and “Implementation” chapters.

Focal points

For our application support, the following topics are important among others:

  • Conceptual design of an initial project idea
    We support you in formulating your project idea and developing a concept for implementing the idea.
  • Translating the idea into project structures
    Our scientific officers will assist you in transferring your concept to application format and defining the elements that are necessary for a project, such as partners, budgets, distribution of tasks and time frames.
  • Analysis of calls for proposals
    To write an application that is eligible for funding and can prevail over the competition, it is essential to analyse the text of the call for proposals in detail and address each point individually. Our team will assist you with this and provide useful background information that goes beyond the actual text of the call for proposals.
  • Drafting an application
    We provide a wide range of support when it comes to drafting an application, which includes the following services among others:
    • Defining contents, especially for the “Impact” and “Implementation” chapters
    • Providing specific text modules or text examples
    • Proofreading individual chapters or the entire application
    • Calculating a sustainable budget for the Bavarian partners or for the entire consortium
    • Preparing graphic contents, for example GANTT charts or graphs
  • Project partner search
    We provide tips and tricks for how to find suitable (international) project partners and support you actively in the search. You will find additional information here.
  • Administrative support
    This includes, for example, requesting information from the participating project partners, clarifying questions with the respective funding bodies, validating partners, providing templates, for example for calculating the budget, as well as a central IT platform for exchanging documents within the consortium, handling the EU Commission’s participant portal and, last but not least, submitting the actual application.

Are you planning a research or innovation project but don't have the funding yet? Turn your idea into reality and bring top Bavarian research to EU level! Contact our scientific officers for specific information on individual disciplines:

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