Solidarity with Ukraine: Bavaria sets up emergency fund for Ukrainian students and researchers

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Half a million euros for study and research - Science Minister Markus Blume calls on universities to suspend cooperation with Russia,

"Bavaria is providing fast and uncomplicated help to Ukrainian students and researchers who are currently staying in Bavaria for research and study purposes and have found themselves in an emergency situation due to the current war situation. We are making half a million euros available for an emergency fund," explained Bavaria's Minister of Science Markus Blume today following the cabinet meeting in Munich. "The terrible Russian war of aggression on Ukraine is causing great suffering and tearing wounds right here in Bavaria, too. People are losing their homes and their livelihoods are being destroyed. We think of these fates and show our solidarity." At the same time, Blume calls on the universities to suspend cooperation with Russia: "We have to show clear edges towards Russia at all levels. That is why we are putting every form of cooperation to the test. Bavarian universities and research institutions are called upon to examine their existing cooperations and suspend them in the area of cutting-edge technologies." Normally, science is a bridge connecting people, however: "The Russian leadership has dropped out of any form of cooperation and no longer sees even science as a bridge connecting people."

Resources from the emergency fund are available to the universities

The funds from the Bavarian Emergency Fund "Ukraine Crisis" for studies and research can be accessed by Bavarian universities on a pro-rata basis upon application to the Ministry of Science. Those affected can apply directly to their respective universities. The allocation is based on the number of enrolled Ukrainian nationals at the respective university. The higher education institutions are given the greatest possible flexibility in the allocation of funds with regard to the funding purpose in an unbureaucratic manner - within the framework of the applicable scholarship guidelines. They should be able to respond in a targeted manner to the need for support in view of the respective individual emergencies. It is possible, for example, to award scholarships and one-off financial grants.

Source: Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts

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