Commissioner Gabriel: European innovation agenda for the next generation of innovators

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European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel, presented the European Innovation Sounding Board in Munich. The Sounding Board is one of the core initiatives of the European Innovation Agenda adopted in July. According to Gabriel, the aim is to provide a forum in which the implementation of the strategy is regularly reviewed with stakeholders. Therefore, he said, continuous exchange is important. A special focus of the strategy is on deep tech innovations.

An innovative start-up, a large company and a supportive regulatory environment: the development of the mRNA vaccines to fight the Covid19 pandemic is a good example of such deep tech innovation in Europe, she said during her visit yesterday: "We need a lot more of that."

Innovation agenda delivers concrete results

At the meeting of acatech - the German Academy of Science and Engineering - the Commissioner highlighted the various flagship initiatives of the European Innovation Agenda. She said it was important that different strategies intertwined: "We need to support universities and colleges to become actors in their local innovation ecosystems." The EU also provides financial support for this through various programmes such as Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe. In the discussion with the innovation experts, the Commissioner stressed: "The European Innovation Agenda will bring concrete results, and it is my job to ensure that!"

"Be bold, dare to do something, keep your critical thinking - that's how we can transform the European Innovation Agenda together from a nice document into something useful for those who need it," said the Commissioner at the Start For Future Summit. There, she discussed with a large number of young innovators how the EU can help in concrete terms. The Commissioner announced how concrete measures from the strategy will be implemented: with initiatives to promote European talent and the legal act on listing planned for December.

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Source: European Commission

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