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Management Intellectual Property (IP) Horizon Europe

The European Intellectual Property (IP) Helpdesk team has recently published a new IP Guide to highlight critical aspects and innovations related to the management of intellectual property in Horizon Europe projects: Your Guide to Intellectual Property Management in Horizon Europe.

Joint projects bring together partners with different corporate cultures or entrepreneurial mindsets, interests and strategic goals. They also bring different background knowledge and intellectual property. The results of collaborative projects are often based on the combined knowledge of several partners, and are therefore jointly created and owned; it is therefore important that partners agree on appropriate and common strategies for their management, protection and use. All partners in a Horizon R&I collaborative project must be able to make the best use of the knowledge and intellectual property to develop and successfully commercialise innovations. This includes, of course, the results of the collaborative project itself, its own existing knowledge and intellectual property, and possibly that of other partners and third parties. Effective management of all these intellectual assets is crucial. 

As the rules on IP in Horizon Europe are largely based on the rules of the previous Horizon 2020 framework programme, this guide complements the previously published guide "Your Guide to IP in Horizon 2020". However, it highlights the strategic innovations including IP and highlights the opportunities and challenges of collaborative IP management in Horizon Europe projects.

In addition, readers of this guide are advised to refer to two other complementary publications of the European IP Helpdesk:

1) the Horizon Europe Bulletin, which contains a wealth of strategic background information and expert articles. 

2) the guide "Successful exploitation of knowledge and research results in Horizon Europe".

The European IP Helpdesk assists SMEs and researchers participating in EU-funded research and innovation projects with IP issues related to these specific programmes.

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