EU’s Mission on Climate Adaptation launches portal

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The European Commission has launched a portal to drive forward the EU’s Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change. The Portal provides information about the Mission and latest developments regarding its delivery, including by regional and local authorities that are participating as Charter Signatories and by research projects.

The Mission Portal offers knowledge and tools for use by regional and local authorities. To help regional authorities develop, implement and monitor their climate change adaptation plans, the Portal also offers knowledge, data and tools tailored for use at regional scale. Through the Regional Adaptation Support Tool (RAST) that will soon be available, authorities will be able to get practical information for each step of developing their climate change adaptation plans.

From deadly heatwaves and devastating droughts to wildfires and coastlines eroded by rising sea levels, climate change is already taking its toll in Europe. Its impact affects not only the environment and economy, but also the health of Europeans. The frequency and severity of climate and weather extremes is increasing, so the EU needs to speed up solutions that build climate resilience.

In that context, the Adaptation Dashboard provides easy access to relevant data that can help to inform understanding of the specific climate vulnerabilities and risks that regional and local authorities need to address.

You can find the portal to the EU’s Mission on Climate Adaptation here.

Similar platforms have also already been established for other EU missions, e.g. the Cities Mission (NetZeroCities) and the Soil Mission (NATI00NS);

Source: European Commission/Kowi

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