New research association ForNeRo: €2 million for new technologies to integrate robotics into the clinical workflow

Research Association ForNeRo

On 28 June, the Board of Trustees of the Bavarian Research Foundation decided to support the Bavarian research association "ForNeRo - Seamless and Ergonomic Integration of Robotics into the Clinical Workflow" with approximately 2 million euros.

Robotic assistance systems are currently the leading and most promising innovation in surgical and diagnostic medicine. However, the introduction of these systems into the clinical workflow leads to a significant increase in technical, social and organisational complexity in all areas affected. Existing workflows and processes are inadequately adapted to the new conditions and there is no real integration. In order to ensure that these systems are established in clinics in a way that makes economic sense and is clinically relevant in the long term, new methods are needed that enable organic, user-centred integration of the systems.

ForNeRo is an alliance of six research institutions and five young, up-and-coming medical technology companies that aims to meet these challenges. The association aims to improve the integration of robotic systems, taking into account ergonomic requirements and using simulations, augmented reality applications, machine learning and novel user interfaces. Specifically, methods will be developed to digitally plan, simulate and guide the placement of robots in the operating room to achieve the most efficient workspace for the OR staff and the robotic system. The use of modular approaches in robotics or the application of computer vision will also improve the integration of robotic systems and thus expand the range of indications. Other approaches include visualisation concepts for planned robot movements to improve acceptance of the systems from the point of view of both doctors and patients, or systems that record the strain on staff and indicate possible disruptions to the workflow at an early stage.

Source: Technical University of Munich, Department of Ergonomics

For further information please contact

Dr.-Ing. Manuel Ferle
Chair of Ergonomics
Technical University of Munich


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