• Programme: Horizon 2020, ECSEL JU
  • Funding amount: EUR 9.8 million, of which EUR 588.000 for Bavaria
  • Duration: 05/2021-04/2024
  • Coordinator: Efi Papatheocharous, RISE Research Institute of Sweden
  • Website: www.dais-project.eu

EU Project DAIS: Development of intelligent and secure edge computing solutions for the European industry

Edge computing refers to decentralised information processing on the "edge" of a network, as opposed to centralised processing in the data centre of a cloud. Edge devices are expected to become increasingly intelligent, energy-efficient and powerful in order to be able to assume increasingly complex tasks locally. This is achieved by shifting complex artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms as well as machine learning algorithms from the cloud to the edge and developing a new type of "edge intelligence".

Development of a new edge intelligence

The EU project DAIS (Distributed Artificial Intelligent Systems), coordinated by the Swedish research institute RISE, aims to develop such intelligent, fast, distributed and secure edge computing systems for industrial applications. These applications include, for example, AI-supported, autonomous transport vehicles in factories, or drones with integrated artificial intelligence that can operate completely independently of AI algorithms running on server farms. The successful migration of AI from the cloud to the edge depends on a number of factors, such as the need for computing power and energy, as well as the costs incurred. These criteria determine the distribution of AI between the cloud and the edge.

Connecting IoT and AI

The aim of DAIS is to provide a comprehensive, cost- and energy-efficient hardware and software edge computing infrastructure for end-to-end secure connectivity and interoperability that combines the Internet of Things (IoT) – the connection of physical objects such as devices and machines to the Internet – with artificial intelligence. The focus is on self-organisation, integrated data protection and low energy consumption.

The EU as a centre for smart, fast and secure systems for industrial applications

The project brings together the European expertise of leading research institutions and industrial companies – from semiconductor manufacturing and system manufacturing to the development of artificial intelligence algorithms for edge computing applications – to strengthen Europe's competitiveness in a forward-looking market. This is particularly important for Europe, which lags behind the USA and Asia in the development and production of such edge computing solutions. DAIS intends to help establish the EU as a centre for intelligent, fast and secure systems for industrial applications.

A total of 47 partners from 11 countries are participating in DAIS, including six from Germany and two from Bavaria (Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH and esc Aerospace GmbH).


"BayFOR provided intensive advice to the DAIS consortium during the preparation of the application. In addition, it supported the consortium in the international search for project partners and through detailed proofreading of the application."

Dr Andreas Hausotter, esc Aerospace GmbH



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